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The Chips are Down

There are three stacks of casino chips.  The first has 21 chips, the second 99, and the third has 45.

You can do two things with the stacks. 

Take a stack and put it on top of another stack.Take a stack and divide it evenly into two stacks.
Is there a sequence of moves that would allow you to have 165 stacks of one chip each?

Answer to The Usual Suspects

This is the solution to the puzzle The Usual Suspects which I published today.  If you haven't read it yet, don't self-spoil - go have a read of it and see how far you get.  Then come back here.

The Usual Suspects

Here's an interesting logic puzzle whose solution isn't at first obvious.  Six suspects in a bank raid, all blaming each other.  But is there a way to deduce from their lies and half truths who actually did it?