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Hardest Riddles in the World

Riddle me this, Riddle me that
Here is the Hardest Riddle in the World, so far...

The Hardest Riddle
Once solved, here's the answer.
The Hardest Riddle, The Answer
Here's another. It's not as tricky but has a good reputation as being hard, and it's fun to do.
Albert Einstein's Allegedly Hardest Riddle 
And the answer.
Albert Einstein's Hardest Riddle, The Answer
And if you liked those...

Join me in the next one.
Have fun.

Answer: Hardest Riddle in the World

Here's the answer to the Hardest Riddle in the World.  If you haven't read the puzzle yet, here's a link.

Help Me Design the Next Puzzle

A New Year; time for a new puzzle.

I wrote The Pacific Riddle almost two years ago.  Since then it's had over 100,000 views, which is phenomenal. 
Writing new riddles takes a lot of time, and lots of checking.  The process I use has 4 steps.
First is to define a suitably interesting problem in either maths or (my own preference) Boolean Logic.  The art of course is in how to make it 'suitably interesting'. For me this is a gut feel for the apparent complexity of the starting assumptions and the parsimony of the solution.  It's got to look hard at the start, but the answer should feel right.
Once you have that initial problem and solution, the next step is to test it for completeness. How many other solutions are obvious? Too many,and the puzzle answer will feel arbitrary. If there are two or three, then that's fine. Only the first will be provided and you can hint at the other. If it's one, then great.
Of course you can never be sure if there are other solutio…