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Is this the Hardest Logic Puzzle in the World?

Hardest Riddle in the World
The Pacific Riddle There is an island in the middle of the pacific that is inhabited by only two types of people: ones with triangles in the middle of their foreheads, and ones with circles.  These two tribes have lived together for thousands of years but rarely talk because there is a mystical taboo - they can never mention what they see on each others forehead, and can never look at their own.  Anyone who breaks that taboo will be killed instantly by the others.

Although they have small fishing boats, they don't have the means to leave for another island, and have understandably becoming rather irritated with each other.

However, there is hope.  There is a prophesy amongst the islanders that a boat will come which is big enough to take them all off the island forever.  Never to make things easy for themselves, however, the prophesy also says that only those with circles on their foreheads can go.  Those with triangles must stay.  If anyone with a tr…